GeoQlik for Qlik Sense

The reference mapping component for Qlik Sense

Why choose GeoQlik for Qlik Sense?


We, Business Geografic are a French software provider with world recognition for our unique expertise in GIS and Geo-Visualization.


We were the very first global Technology Partner of QlikTech International AB in 2007 and we remain the world leader of mapping integrated within Qlik.



GeoQlik benefits systematically from our ongoing innovation strategy on our GEO Software GIS and Geo-Visualization platform.



GeoQlik connects directly and simultaneously to all kinds of spatial and business data, whatever their formats, with no need for prior data conversion.



GeoQlik is a server-side extension that capitalizes on the power of the Qlik server(s), to be able to process very big volumes of local and remote data efficiently.


The GeoQlik client-server architecture offers full flexibility and real scalability, whatever the number of simultaneous users, with no extra server required.



GeoQlik is the only true mapping component for Qlik Sense, offering unique mapping capabilities to the world Qlik market.


GeoQlik offers intuitive wizards to create without coding all kinds of simple and intricate spatial analyses and representation modes.



GeoQlik follows the Qlik Sense product roadmap, like an invitation to adopt Geo-Discovery practices that are continually better.

Process your whole data

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GeoQlik for Qlik Sense is not only fully interoperable with all kinds of GIS standards and normalized data formats. 
GeoQlik for Qlik Sense also processes data at every geographic scale, from world level to building level, with unlimited volumes of data.

Build your own analyses

Discover how easy building a feature-rich, meaningful and beautiful map with GeoQlik is. This basic example illustrates how to create a simple area map coming with customized tooltips and proportional pie-charts - all of this in record time.
Customize your map labels just using the Qlik Sense expressions. Our GeoQlik rendering engine relies on powerful “conflict resolution” algorithms to make sure that your maps remain readable and coherent at all zoom levels.
Go even further with our GEO Services. You may need to study the correlation between the accessibility and the turnover of your sales points, for instance. This is something you'll do using our Isoline GEO Service while visualizing your catchment areas.

Discover outstanding mapping features

GeoQlik for Qlik Sense is a full-web, drag & drop, spatial component for self-service Geo-Visualization and Geo-Discovery within Qlik Sense. GeoQlik for Qlik Sense enables you to easily plot your contextual and business data and indicators on dynamic maps that are integrated right within your Qlik Sense sheets, simply using the Qlik Sense expressions. GeoQlik is the reference mapping extension for Qlik Sense, providing a wide range of advanced GIS features.



From file-based data (.csv, Shape, etc.) to heavy spatial databases (Oracle, PostGIS, Esri, etc.), GeoQlik supports all kinds of GIS standards and data formats.

GeoQlik also connects to base maps and virtual globes (Google, OpenStreetMap, etc.), as well as web mapping services (TMS, WMS, WMTS, WFS, etc.).

Useful - GeoQlik supports X/Y coordinates. Should you need to geolocate postal addresses on the fly, you can use our Geocoding GEO Service.


Whatever the formats of your business data and indicators, GeoQlik supports all standardized formats on top of the Qlik Sense-compatible data formats.

It is thus very simple for you to geo-analyze your whole contextual and business data: thematic data, analytics data, key performance indicators (KPIs), etc.

Interoperable - You may also need to geo-analyze your data on floor plans or specific data layers; GeoQlik processes all kinds of geometries and rasters natively.


The GeoQlik Management Console centralizes your whole GIS data asset management in a single, secured, place. Spatial data management could not be more facilitated.

Drag and drop the GeoQlik component onto your Qlik Sense sheets: GeoQlik opens up the configuration wizard for you to create your maps step by step.

Smart - You needn't be a GIS expert to display your data on your maps. GeoQlik deals with the spatial projection for you, even if various projection systems are involved.


Use the GeoQlik intuitive wizards to create your analyses based on multiple spatial dimensions: class analyses, pie charts, bar charts, proportional texts, density maps, heat maps, etc.

Since time is another dimension to take into account in Data-Visualization, we've also added a time slider for you to make Data-Discovery based on both space and time.

Unique - Creating your spatial analyses is just a question of configuration. No scripting required! Nevertheless, our scripting wizard enables SQL request writing if needed.


Customize your GeoQlik maps and spatial analyses: class values, point clustering thresholds, symbology, colors and styles of display modes, labels and tooltips, etc.

You can also add extra base maps and data layers, as well as connect to normalized web mapping and web data services to enrich your GeoQlik maps even more.

Stylish - Just like your Qlik Sense sheets, your GeoQlik Geo-Discovery maps integrated within them are fully customizable with your corporate visual identity.


Make spatial selections and intersect your GIS data with your contextual and business data. Your Qlik Sense sheet refreshes immediately and dynamically.

GeoQlik enables you to make intricate spatial intersections involving points, lines and polygons. Such intersections are enabled by our GEO Software patented mapping engine.

Powerful - Drill down for a closer look at your data. If your data is precise enough, GeoQlik will enable you to geo-discover your data and indicators down to the building level.


GeoQlik is the must-have extension for today's Qlik Sense users. Everyone agrees to say that the spatial dimension is everywhere: this is even more true with Big Data.

Your GeoQlik Geo-Visualization maps become valuable tools to see the whole story that lives within your data, far beyond basic datavisualization tools.

Mobile - Just like Qlik Sense, GeoQlik was designed in responsive HTML5 mode for multi-device use, so as to facilitate Geo-Discovery and story telling during meetings and on the go.


GeoQlik is a multi-user, multi-profile Geo-Discovery extension for Qlik Sense, coming with refined reading, editing, importing-exporting and sharing user right management.

We dissociated the GeoQlik user right management from the Qlik Sense one, so as to enable you to share your GeoQlik maps beyond your Qlik Sense users.

Scalable - Scalability is another technical requirement we had in mind when creating GeoQlik. You can use GeoQlik on one single Qlik server or in cluster mode.

Go one more step beyond with GEO Software


Generate your own maps and GIS applications in record time, within and beyond your Qlik tools, relying on our innovative and feature-rich GEO Software platform. GEO meets all mapping needs, from Geo-Reporting to Geo-Prospective by way of Geo-Business Intelligence.



Geolocate your postal addresses to position them on your thematic and analytical maps. Our Geocoding GEO Service relies on a high-precision, multi-scale cartographic repository that enables you to geolocate your customers, sales outlets, delivery points, equipments, etc. very precisely.




Lead cross-analyses involving time, distances and transport networks on top of your data. Our Isolines GEO Service adds the space-time dimension to your analyses, to enable you to visualize the scope of influence of the phenomena you are studying. It comes with a wide range of customizable isolines.




Create distance matrices that gather all distances between each of your departure and arrival points. Our Route Planning GEO Service analyzes the road network to generate distance matrices that are easy to integrate within your road sheets and dashboards as valuable decision-support tools.




Identify the shortest or fastest route before touring to deliver parcels, visit patients, etc. Our Route Optimization GEO Service analyzes the data related to road networks and simulates all possible route combinations to identify the optimal route for your tour, according to time or distances.



Create interactive maps based on your own data and indicators in a few clicks, for business purposes as well as communications projects towards the general public. Our Map Design GEO Service offers an easy, innovative and powerful way to create custom thematic and analytical maps in record time.


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